5 Signs Your Home Insulation Need Replacement

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The purpose of your home insulation is to ensure your HVAC unit can keep performing its function effectively. If it’s chilly outside, it’s important that your home remains warm on the inside, and without the right thermal insulation, it’s simply not possible. But how should one know whether their current insulation is good enough to keep the internal atmosphere warm & cozy?

If you’re not sure how long your insulation is going to last, here are five signs that you need to look out for in order to decide whether your home insulation is in need of replacement or not.

1) Increased Utility Expenses

One of the first alarming signs about your home insulation going bad is an increase in your utility bills. If your energy expenses have increased around 9 to 14 percent annually, it’s a clear indication that your thermal insulation is depleting. The older your insulation, the weaker it will be in holding the warm air inside the house. As a result, you will see a rise in your electricity bills and eventually, you will find out that your HVAC system is working overtime.

If your home energy isn’t efficient, it’s time to replace your home’s thermal insulation.

2) Feeling of Draftiness 

Insulations ensure there are no air leaks in your home. If you feel a draft, it means that there’s an opening somewhere that is letting the cool air inside. The chances of this happening are higher if your house is quite old. Over time, the gaps and cracks get bigger, which lets in more cold air.

If you can see light shining through the gaps, then it’s an indication of serious air leakage. In such a case, you need to not only replace your insulation but also make sure to seal the cracks and openings.

3) Excess Water Condensation 

Another sign that suggests it’s time for new insulation is excess water condensation on your windows and doors. If you see water beads forming on the glass, it means that the humid air from outside is entering your home and mixing with the cooler air inside. As a result, this creates condensation.

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4) Insulation Material Deterioration

If you can see your insulation material falling apart or drooping from the ceiling, it means that the insulation is no longer doing its job properly. Once the material starts to deteriorate, it will no longer be able to hold heat in your home, which will cause your energy bills to go up.

5) Pests Infestation

One of the reasons why pests are attracted to your home is because they’re looking for a place to keep warm. If you find rodents or insects in your insulation, it means that they have eaten away at it and made it their home. As a result, not only is your insulation damaged but these pests can also spread diseases.

These are just some of the signs that suggest it’s time for new insulation. If you notice any of these, make sure to call a professional to resolve them at the earliest. At Foam Master USA, we can help you with your spray foam insulation needs. We offer a wide range of services, including attic insulation, crawl space encapsulation, and much more. Contact us today to learn more!

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