How Spray Foam Keeps Pest Insulation Out?

Spray Foam

Pests can be troubling for many households.

They can quickly become a nuisance and can easily find home in your home’s structure & furnishing. Pests like termite can eat wood quicker than you think. While some believe applying a fresh coat of waterproof paint every once a year can protect their wooden furniture, others make use of termite-resistant and oil-based varnishes and polishes to keep termites away.

This may appear a temporary solution, but not a long term one.

On the other hand, spray foam insulation offers many more advantages to homeowners. It offers energy efficiency, moisture resistance, structural rigidity and among many other things, complete pest control. If your house is under the impact of a pest infestation, it’s best to reach out to a professional spray foam insulation company such as Foam Master USA.

To learn how to keep pests away from home, feel free to continue reading.

What Are the Negative Impact of Pest Infestations? 

So before we delve into the detail of how spray foam insulation is the best way to prevent pests from entering into your space, let’s discuss how preventing pests plays an important role.

Pests Can Spread Disease: Different pests carry different diseases. They may easily transmit through a sting, bite or even their exposure in the air. If you come in contact with such pests, it can put your health in danger as there will be a risk of contracting a disease through them.

Pests Can Cause Allergic Reaction: Pests can also trigger allergic reactions. They often leave behind faeces or shed skin which can pollute the area. If you’ve a sensitive skin type or weak immune system that is sensitive to allergies, they can quickly catch up with you.

Pests Cause Structural Damages: Pests can also chew through wood. Termites are a common occurrence in many homes built with wooden parts. If not taken care of, they can lead to structural damage which may be fairly expensive to repair comparatively.

Pests Can Chew Electric Wires: Just like woods, pests can also chew through electrical wires which can lead to fire risk. It can become an inconvenience.

How Spray Foam Insulation Can Prevent Pests? 

Spray Foam Prevent Drafts: Pests are often looking for open drafts through which they can enter your household. The drafts create a welcoming environment for critters to easily crawl through and have a nice shelter in your home. The warmth of your house also allows these critters to breed and hence, you will find a colony brewing in your home within no time.

Spray foam insulation has a tendency to expand into the cracks and crevices covering every possible hole and draft points. It perfectly seals your house keeping the pest out.

Spray Foam is Resistant to Pest Damage: While fiberglass and cellulose can easily be chewed up and eaten by most pests, spray foam insulation hardens into a strong material. Pests may find it difficult to feed upon spray foam and because of its synthetic nature, it offers no food value to pests. If there are hungry critters around your house, spray foam is the last thing they may want to feast upon.

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Want to Install Spray Foam Insulation in Your NYC Homes? 

We understand how pests have been causing you trouble for a while and you certainly want to get rid of them. If you want to install spray foam insulation in your NYC homes to keep the pests out, look no further than Foam Master USA. We are a spray foam insulation installation company where our certified experts can install top quality spray foam material.

Spray foam is made up of isocyanate polyurethane material which expands upon application and has zero food content for pests. Don’t want the critters troubling you this summer?

Call Foam Master USA today at718-865-9647and get your home fully insulated.

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