Is Spray Foam Insulation Flammable?

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Spray foam insulation has become a widely accepted insulation material for homes & businesses in the United States. It’s made up of a special material called polyurethane material which when applied to the surface creates a strong barrier against air infiltration. There are many benefits of applying spray foam on your walls and ceilings and in this article, you will learn about them. 

But before we begin, let us answer the one question that we are all eager to get answered. 

Is spray foam insulation flammable? 

The simple answer is yes. Like many materials found in most homes & buildings, spray foam insulation can easily ignite and burn when exposed to fire or some other heat source. It can be termed as a combustible product that can ignite easily. 

The best way to ensure your spray foam insulation doesn’t catch any fire, you will have to apply a thermal barrier to it. A thermal barrier creates a layer of separation between spaces where the spray foam is applied and the spray foam layer itself. So just in case, if a fire breaks out within your property, the fire won’t impact the combustible areas of the foam since it has a high end thermal resistance. 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s discuss some of the benefits of spray foam insulation. 

1) Spray Foam Has a High R-Value 

A leading benefit of spray foam insulation is that it has a high R value. R value is the intensity of the spray foam at which the spray foam can insulate the surface. Different types of spray foam insulation have different R values depending on their grades. A high grade spray foam (closed cell structure spray foam) has an R value of up to 7; whereas, a low grade spray foam (open cell structure spray foam) has an R value of less than 6. However, both variants of spray foam have better insulation compared to fiberglass or any other insulation material. 

2) Spray Foam Keeps Pests Away 

Spray foam has a tendency to expand. When it is applied to the surface, the polyurethane foam simply expands and fills in the gaps and holes in the wall & ceilings. As a result, no such outlet remains open from where the pest will get a chance to enter your property. If you’re tired of dealing with insects & rodents, then spray foam is the answer to all your pest-related problems. 

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3) Spray Foam Creates a Strong Barrier Against Moisture Build Up  

Are the walls at your home accumulating a lot of moisture? If so then spray foam can create a barrier against water vapors. It has a unique polyurethane material that has a tendency to expand. When applied, this material can easily prevent water vapors from perforating and damaging your walls & ceilings. Moisture can lead to devastating problems such as wood rot or other problems. If you don’t want to experience either, spray foam is the answer to your insulation problems. 

4) Spray Foam Offers the Best Soundproofing 

If you want to make your premises soundproofed and clear from all external noises, spray foam insulation can create the perfect barrier against outside noise. It can fill up the cracks & holes in your walls & ceilings permanently. The soundproofing it offers is relatively reliable & amazing. While the open-cell structure may not offer you the best soundproofing experience, closed-cell spray foam creates the best environment. 

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